This website contains information about music, texts, video, photography, spectacles and works by Roberto Carelli, composer and producer from Rio de Janeiro.


Since 1986, Carelli has written music for the concert hall, theater and video productions. He studied at the Conservatório Brasileiro de Música, in Rio de Janeiro, piano and violin. As a self-taught, he studied orchestration, composition, cello, clarinet, flute, trombone and percussion. Carelli's debut as a musician was on the theater stage in 1990, when he composed stage music for Tony Caroll's plays..

In 2015, his music began to be performed in concert halls. In January, three of Carelli' songs - Beach Ballade  n.1, Nocturne and Gypsy Dance - were premiered at Centro Cultural Francisco Mignone (RJ).. In March, the same three works were performed in a Concert at Germania Society Theater. In this concert, the Gypsy Dance received praise from the Romanian Consul, Ovidiu Grecea, who invites Carelli and his group to perform at the famous George Enescu Festival in Bucharest.


In 2012, Carelli produced the documentary "Guitar Solos" , about the argentinian guitarist Maximiliano Mazer. Carelli co-directed the video with the american producer John Elliott .

Currently, Carelli writes columns for magazines like The Concert Society, Brasil Clássico, and others..





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